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Bowhunting + History Interesting Maybe Fact

This posting is going to be about bowhunting + history.

The gesture of giving the middle finger began because of Bowmen. Back in the 1400's the longbow was developed. This became a very feared weapon. For the first time you could kill an enemy from a good distance. In a very short time the English longbow soldiers became feared across the lands. France and England where at war and the longbow was really hurting the French soldiers, so the French began cutting the middle fingers off any longbow man the caught. The middle finger being key to plucking the bow, with no middle fingers they were unable to fire the bow rendering them harmless.

Now this is where the gesture supposedly came from. There was a battle in which the English were out numbered, surrounded and the French believed there were no more longbow men. As the French began their attack all the English held up the middle finger indicating they still could fire their bows. The out numbered English won the battle and the story went down as legendary.

I don't know this to be true, but is sounds good.

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