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Bowhunting Shot Placement Is Everything!

In the sport of bowhunting shot placement is everything.

I am not endorsing one spot or another I am just reviewing the two most common "perfect shots."

The lung shot is one of the spots that can be considered the perfect shot. The double lung spot causes the deer to bleed a lot harder, so he blood trail is easier to find. The lung shot is also a bigger target but does take longer for the deer to bleed out. From what I read, you should wait 30 minutes before tracking the deer.

The second consideration for the perfect shot is the heart shot. It is a much smaller target, but will kill the deer more quickly. Because the heart shot is more traumatic for the deer, their entire body shuts down almost immediately, and less blood is lost.

Always practice your shooting skills on a regular basis to eliminate a bad shot and wounding the deer.

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