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One of the Many Bowhunting Organizations

One of the many bowhunting organizations is the International Bowhunting Organization.

Here is some additional information on the IBO, as stated on their website:

"The IBO was created in 1984 by a dedicated group with the mutual desire to ensure that bowhunting and the ideals of wildlife conservation will survive, expand and flourish to be shared, enjoyed and passed on to future generations."

"By its charter, the statement of purpose of the International Bowhunting Organization is: "To promote, encourage and foster the sport of bowhunting; further bowhunter education; act as a political coordinator and liaison for the protection and advancement of bowhunting--function as a clearinghouse for essential bowhunter information; and--adhere to the basic ideal of the unification of bowhunters."

You can find information on joining the IBO on their website. If this doesn't seem like the organization for you for any reason, try locating an organization within your state!

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