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Some Bowhunting Basics

The question is how many people become interested in bowhunting if it is not already in the family.

For those who are new to bowhunting or don't have a father, here are a few bowhunting basics that my father past down to me. First and probably the most important is to find a bow you are comfortable with. That includes holding, drawing, and holding the draw. Understanding your draw back strength will play a big role in determining the right bow. I recommend trying the bow for a little while on the range before purchasing.

Always protect you hold arm (arm used to restrain the bow while drawing). Until you get good at the whole firing of the bow you will twang your arm. Unprotected will hurt. I learned that young and early.

Understanding the different types of arrows and heads is information you can read up on through the Internet. This will help you with using the right arrows in the right conditions.

Last basic is to learn how far you can fire accurately. This will help with positioning in the woods. This can be obtained by lots of range time.

I guess that is it other than maybe to always remember safety for yourself and for the other hunters in the woods.

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