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Wierd Bowhunting Accidents

In regards to bowhunting accidents I recently read about a really weird.

Mr. Michael Kane and his son were bowhunting deer is adjacent woods. The son was hunting in Goll Woods State Nature Preserve. The son had gotten a special permit due to an overabundance of deer this year. The father was hunting right down the road. While hunting the father gets a cell call from his son that stated he had gotten a deer and needed help with the kill. Mr. Kane arrived at his son and gathered the gear and headed back to the truck. The son began field dressing the deer when things went wrong. Apparently when trying to split the rib cage the knife slipped and cut the son's femoral artery. Thank god there was another hunter close and heard the yelling. Mr. Price ran to the yelling to find the young man bleeding out. With a little quick thinking Mr. Price fashioned a tourniquet. With the use of this tourniquet Mr. Price saved the younger Mr. Kane. Without Mr. Price by the time senior Kane got back from the truck he son would have been dead. The farther said he is forever in the debt of Mr. Price and thanks god he was around.

This in my opinion is another reason way you should never hunt alone.

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