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Wisconsin Bow Hunting - Types of Bows

Wisconsin Bow Hunting, When choosing a bow the most basic thing to know is there are only 2 basic designs for a bow..

The first is called the recurve bow. This is made of either laminations of wood or fiberglass. This bow uses the bow limbs to store the energy needed to propel any selected arrow.

The second type is a compound bow. This bow stores its energy in an off-center pulley or cam. These are generally smaller in overall size to the recurved bow.

All bows are rating in pounds. Pounds, is the measurement of the amount of strength used to pull a notched arrow back to full length.

Here are general rules for each person when buying a bow. Young men should have bows of 15- 30 pounds, young girls from 15-25 pounds, Adult men should have 35-70 pounds, and Adult women should have 20-35 pounds. Increasing the pounds will increase the effective range of the arrow flight.

Don't buy a bow that requires more pounds of force than you and handling this will affect your accuracy.

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